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This article will explain how our client measures the touch response time on smartphones, to put together a benchmarking that is geared to change the gaming industry for good – bit by bit in during the next decade.

Gaming on a smartphone is more popular than ever. Gaming on phones has been a thing ever since we all first booted up our Nokia 3310s for hours on Snake, before our iPhones became clogged with hours of Candy Crush Saga. But increasingly smartphones are becoming viable gaming devices alongside home consoles, and these are the best ones you can buy.


Gaming sensations like Fortnite and PUBG can thank their mobile platform and portability for ridiculous run-away success. And it’s no wonder considering the power inside the best smartphones around.


While the latest Apple and Samsung phones can run the most demanding mobile games, the market is so popular that there are also dedicated gaming phones like the Asus ROG Phone 5, Red Magic 6 and Black Shark 4.

Do you need all the highest specs?

These phones often have specialised hardware or even sometimes clip-on controllers to help you play better. Internals often have boosts in RAM or the most powerful CPU or GPU to help the phone keep up, while high refresh rate displays are common to allow you to hit even higher frame rates while playing. A couple even have liquid cooling.


But high display refresh rate (DRR) is not everything. The touch sampling rate (TSR) may be even more important as instinctive commands kick in with the experienced player. While we can set the DRR at 60Hz or 9oHz to optimize battery, the TSR should surely be maximal 90Hz, 120Hz or more if the device supports any higher.


The reasoning behind this is quite simple – and we strongly recommend the serious gamer to read the full article our client posted in order to have the full understanding. The lab team has paired our robot MATT with a Phantom high resolution camera to seize the exact responsiveness measurements (TIme-to-display response time = TtDRT).


We are confident that such a robust benchmarking would – in the years to come – entice incremental yearly upgrades at the level of monitoring the processing time and overall system optimization


Do you have a special game you are trying to ace, just let us and our client investigate for you the match between your chosen phone and the exact game of your choice.


Let us talk to your game producers to benchmark the game against your preferred device!


The importance of touch-to-display response time in gaming