The Ultimate Device Testing Robot


MATT is a complete testing solution for multitouch devices that incorporate any physical input such as touchscreens or buttons.

MATT was designed with the reliability and robustness of an industrial robot, combined with the flexibility and compactness that would make the multitouch testing process easier and faster, in any scenario.

With a custom end effector that emulates any multi-touch gesture, like tapping, pinching, swiping and rotating, two high resolution cameras and an included computer vision API, alongside powerful electronics and robust structure, MATT can perform full automated test cycles for both hardware and software, as a result relieving manual testers of repetitive tasks, providing consistent results and increasing productivity.


An innovative and time-saving technology for the automatic testing of your devices.
MATT is made to boost productivity and guarantee excellence session by session.

Gesture Automation

MATT comes equipped with a capacitive stylus effector which can move at blazing fast speed. Tap and swipe gestures can be easily mimicked with outstanding accuracy.

Flexible Functionality

Universal Input / Output and communication interfaces allow MATT to easily interact with external hardware components. Adjustable fixtures offer a versatile device mounting solution. Advanced embedded software safely interacts with curved screen devices.

Multi Touch

Multi Touch testing

The effector features three capacitive stylus nibs which move independently to replicate natural pinch and rotate interactions. These nibs are serviceable to ensure fitness for any material and capacitance requirements.

straightforward functionality

Straightforward Functionality

MATT has a unique and innovative design suitable for a wide range of testing scenarios. Efficient and simple setup procedures leverage automation to reduce human interaction and eliminate calibration errors.


A part of the teams MATT

is already a trusted touchscreen tester for:

Proudly engineered in Romania

Being fully conceived, designed and assembled in-house by our dedicated engineers and developers, it enables the adaptability of custom integration requirements, including size and features.

Proiect cofinanțat din Fondul European de Dezvoltare Regională prin
Programul Operațional Competitivitate 2014-2020