The robot is mounted on a tilting platform that can incline any device up to a 30-degree angle. This can be used to switch the device from landscape to portrait mode, a capability which allows for testing complex applications like the ones used for AR and VR.

Mandatory Physical Input

MATT can tackle any tests that require mandatory physical input. It can press physical buttons, side buttons and any other data input form. The testing robot will be an excellent tool for any product where the input cannot be easily simulated, like PoS or systems where the same input must be introduced multiple times.

Joint HW & SW

Many of the interactions with a touchscreen can be simulated with software testing platforms like Selenium, but due to the wide variety of hardware devices, this can be a complicated task. However, MATT manages this kind of interaction with ease. Due to MATT’s flexibility, it can be integrated into any testing framework, therefore synchronisation between software testing automation and hardware button pressing can be achieved seamlessly.

MATT effector


MATT can be equipped with an external high-speed camera for different measurements. Moreover, the speed of up to 2m/s ensures that the robot can reach any point with high speed and high accuracy.


Due to its high precision, it can touch with exact pressure and can move with 0.05mm precision, therefore the robot is an ideal tool that would be effective for calibrating any touch screen device. Also, the capacitance of the fingers and the size and shape can be customized.

Mechanical Interaction

The robot can press any buttons placed vertically or sideways and interact with any touch screen devices (resistive or capacitive).

Computer Vision

Powerful computer vision software performs icon and text recognition as well as response time measurement. Out of the box, Matt comes equipped with two high performance cameras designed for machine vision applications. One of these cameras is mounted on the effector while the other is fixed and used for device monitoring.

Stress Testing

MATT ‘s design ensures robustness for performing 24/7 testing  cycles on multi-touch devices.

Testing an Infotainment System

Automated touch-screen testing for Automotive. Watch MATT interact with a Visteon infotainment system, testing both the device and the connectivity. The robot’s flexibility allows multiple testing scenarios in a sequence.

MATT testing an Apple Watch

The robot interacts with an Apple Watch and sends a message to an iPhone device.

MATT testing on a washing machine

MATT is using a custom finger to rotate the main knob of a washing machine, to let an iPhone device control and monitor the washing program using Bluetooth.

MATT testing an Infotainment System by Visteon

MATT for Automotive: automated touchscreen testing features and functionalities on a Visteon infotainment device.

Matt XL - screen testing for bigger screens

Matt XL tests touch-screens and physical buttons, simulating human gestures with the highest accuracy. Meet the bigger Matt for bigger devices.

Matt - Gaming