MATT Use Cases

The Smart Device Testing Robot

MATT, the Ultimate Device Testing Robot

The complete testing solution for devices that incorporate physical input, touchscreens or buttons, using a custom end effector to replicate multi touch input.

MATT provides objective means of replicating human interaction on devices, increasing the quality of the testing process by delivering precision, repeatability & uninterrupted operation, and using through computer vision & AI.

Computer Vision

Powerful computer vision software performs icon and text recognition as well as response time measurement. Out of the box, Matt comes equipped with two high performance cameras designed for machine vision applications. One of these cameras is mounted on the effector while the other is fixed and used for device monitoring.

Stress Testing

MATT ‘s design ensures robustness, making the robot able to perform round the clock testing  cycles on multi-touch devices.

MATT testing on a Smartwatch

Physically interacting even with the smallest of devices, MATT, quickly and accurately connects a smartwatch to a smartphone through Bluetooth.

MATT testing on a washing machine

MATT is using a custom finger to rotate the main knob of a washing machine, to let an iPhone device control and monitor the washing program using Bluetooth.

MATT testing an Infotainment System by Visteon

MATT for Automotive: automated touchscreen testing features and functionalities on a Visteon infotainment device. The robot’s flexibility allows multiple testing scenarios in a sequence.

MATT - Gaming

MATT performs in a testing protocol meant to determine the touch- to- display response time, additionally being an essential tool in benchmarking between different phone brands. Read more at MATT – Gaming Use Cases



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