MATT Innovation

The Smart Device Testing Robot – Partner for Innovation in France

CII Agreement allows for 20% reimbursement on Software Services and Customized Robotics for French companies.

Le Ministre de l’Économie et des Finances recognized as a top innovation partner for France. We have proven to have the technical and human capabilities to develop innovative solutions and help companies adopt fresh and disrupting technologies.

For more than 10 years we have worked side to side with multiple French organizations that aimed at gaining a competitive advantage on the market and optimize their processes. Today, technological evolution comes with more convenience and less risks for our clients in France.

Our partners that are currently working, or will start to collaborate in the future, with our Innovation Division to design, prototype and create new products and services, can include the value of the services subcontracted in their expenses eligible for the Innovation Tax Credit (they are allowed to recover 20% of the subcontracted services). You can find more details about the terms and policies of this state aid here.

“This agreement is the result of years of work and commitment to always being on top of the industry. The financial structure of this deal creates the foundation for a win-win collaboration, giving our partners the opportunity to grow and innovate quickly in a fast-paced market, reducing the cost of technical development. For us, this is a chance to showcase our full potential and grow our knowledge and our presence on the French market,” claimed Victor Dornescu, Innovation Manager and co-founder.

The mentioned agreement will be in place for the next 4 years.


We help businesses develop smart, integrated solutions that combine sleek hardware and user interfaces with powerful software and connectivity capabilities.